Multicultural Literature For Teachers


This is a space for all teachers to share their multicultural literature experiences. With this space I hope that all teachers will look to this as a resource to find multicultural literature for their classroom. I also hope that teachers will contribute to the list of books and experience when it comes to multicultural literature in their classrooms.



  • Visit This Blog for books relating to Deafness


  • BOY MEETS BOY: This book is narrated by a high school age boy and it is about his experiences, specifically with another boy. While this does represent the LBGT community, it is not the main focus of the book. The novel is more focused on social issues in high school with characters that are open in the LBGT community. This book is great for an older age (middle school +) because it is relatable to all students. For more information visit David Levithan Website


  • Al Capone Does My Shirts: This book is written from the perspective Twelve-year-old Moose Flannagan, who lives on Alcatraz Island, and deals with the struggles of growing up on the island with some of the deadliest criminals, but more than the main character's own personal turmoils the story follows a young girl (the main character's sister Natalie) Natalie Flannagan who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. At the time this novel was written in, a person with a neurological disorder such as Autism Spectrum was considered "weird" at best, and at worst they were classified insane, and dealt with in accordance. The novel takes an interesting perspective from a sibling learning to deal internally, but also externally as well with the issues facing him and his family because of his sisters disability. This book is directed towards an audience of middle or even high school students, but can be used with a spectrum off different grade levels. For more information visit this review./